About Sheila

As your Trustee, I have, and will continue to consult, represent, and advocate on your behalf for 60 hours a week, each and every week, because I believe that that’s what it takes to do this job right.

I am running for re-election because there is still so much to do.  My knowledge of, and experience in the education system, and specifically the Toronto District School Board, will be invaluable in the face of challenges yet to come.

I love this job!  It energizes me, challenges me, and pushes me to be more and to do more for your children, the city, and the world.

I am a passionate advocate of the TDSB Model Schools for Inner Cities programme, which ensures that all students enjoy the same opportunities to succeed not only in school, but in life!  As co-creator of this initiative, I remain its biggest champion – never flinching to defend it against those who fail to see the need to level the academic playing field for all children.

I am strong proponent of the TDSB Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee, which works to develop policies and programmes, which support the Board’s commitment to reducing the effects of climate change.  Through its efforts, more than 5 million dollars of savings have been realized through various Board-initiated environmental projects – funds which are being used for conservation, preservation, and school greening initiatives.

I am a regular attendee at ALL standing committee meetings and, since being re-elected in November 2010, I have been an active member of the following committees and agencies:

  • Administrative Space Workgroup
  • Audit Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Code of Conduct Workgroup
  • Director Performance Appraisal Measures Workgroup
  • Environmental Sustainability Community Advisory Committee
  • House Committee
  • Human Resources and Professional Learning Committee
  • Inner City Advisory Committee
  • Operations and Facilities Management Committee
  • Parent Involvement Advisory Committee
  • Planning and Priorities Committee
  • Right to Play
  • Stewardship of Fine Art Committee
  • Swim Toronto Committee
  • Toronto Foundation for Student Success
  • Toronto Lands Corporation

I have been a resident of Beaches-East York for more than 48 years.  I have 5 children, 3 step-children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.  My children and step-children, Mary, Kate, Margaret, Sean, Michael, Bruce, Jordan and Rob, all attended schools in Ward 16.

I was an elementary school teacher, and have a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.  For 12 years I sold real estate with
RE/MAX Hallmark.

To contact me, click here.

About Catherine

My name is Catherine Dorton, and I have been the Ward 16 Environmental Coordinator
since 2011.

During that time, I have supported Ward 16 schools – parents, teachers, and administrators
– with many greening initiatives including flower and vegetable gardens, tree planting and stewardship, and power and waste reduction.

With the support of organizations such as Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF), TD Friends of the Environment, and Live Green Toronto, I am now working with many Ward 16 schools to enhance their tree canopies in support of Toronto’s urban forest.

For more information on my past accomplishments and/or current projects, please click here.

To contact me, email catherine.dorton@tdsb.on.ca.

About Kate

I am honoured to have served for ten years on the Toronto District School Board's 'Parent Involvement Advisory Committee' (PIAC), representing Ward 16. I am a passionate advocate for parents and students, asking questions and tracking down answers at all levels: school advisory council, school community, ward, city and province. I am grateful to my daughter, now attending a TDSB high school, for qualifying me to participate in what I see as the real foundation of our civil society; free access for all to an equitable public education.

Along with serving on a number of high school, middle school and elementary 'School Advisory Councils' (not 'Parent Councils') over the years, and participating in the fun fairs, bake sales, literacy nights, BBQ's and discussions on how to spend funds, I have advocated at the Board level to have parent voices heard, and inform policy and opinion.

My participation in working groups at the board include: helping amend uniform policy to reflect the input of concerned parents, ensuring there is a parent voice at the interviews promoting teachers to the Vice Principal pool, promoting parent participation and education concerning the TDSB budget process and spending decisions, deputing to committees of the board carrying the voices of the parents with whom I interact across the city to the Trustees. I also help organize PIAC's annual events: 'School Council Chair Appreciation Dinner', 'Parent Conference' and 'Special Education Conference'. I am a member of the 'Outdoor Education Working Group' and the 'Optional Attendance Policy Advisory Committee'.

I am proud and excited to have three or four more years to be involved as a volunteer in public education before my daughter begins her post secondary education. I remain grateful to all the members of my community who have made volunteering so rewarding.

To contact me, email katewallispiac@gmail.com.


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